First runner-up Asia Pacific Top Achiever realtor

Er has amassed an illustrious collection of awards throughout her career, a testament to her exceptional track record
Lynn Er, ERA’s No. 2 Asia Pacific Top Achiever, seven-time Top 10 Achiever and League of Honour recipient, impresses with her consistently outstanding performance
Few real estate agents have had a career as distinguished and consistent as Lynn Er’s. The renowned realtor has built a longstanding career at ERA Singapore by carving out a reputation for being a high achiever with an exceptional track record, especially in the high-end residential segment.

Unwavering excellence

In her first year at ERA, Er was crowned the Top New Achiever. Since then, she has consistently garnered awards and is today recognised as the firm’s Top Lady Achiever. Besides being conferred the title of Millionaire Achiever at the agency for the last few years, she has also achieved ERA’s Diamond awards almost every month, which are bestowed to realtors that accomplish a six-figure monthly income. In 2021 alone, Er racked up more than $2 million in sales commissions.

Recently, Er reached a new zenith in her career, achieving the first runner-up position for the ERA Asia Pacific Top Achievers in 2022 despite the year being full of challenges, including ongoing uncertainties coming out of the pandemic, rising concerns on inflation and interest rate hikes, and more.

Before this, Er was already lauded as a four-time Top 3 Achiever and one-time Top 4 Achiever. Reaping such illustrious accomplishments didn’t stop Er, who continued to be humble and work doubly hard, earning her the prestigious League of Honour award given to the few ERA agents who attain the Top 10 Achiever award for at least three years. As a testament to her exceptional track record, Er has been named a League of Honour recipient for the past seven years.

The accolades showcase Er’s continuous success and her ability to maintained an unmatched consistency despite being in a constantly evolving industry. Her accomplishments have also earned her industry-wide recognition: at the annual SG Real Estate Agents (SEAA) Excellence Awards, Er was given the Diamond Salespersons Achievement Award in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Er is one of ERA Singapore’s most consistent performers, racking up accolades including Millionaire Achiever and the agency’s Diamond awards on a regular basis

Exceptional service

Er operates on a foundation of strong ethics and integrity, always placing her client’s interests first. “I make sure that my clients are in good hands, and that things are done properly for them every step of the way,” she assures.

When working with her clients, Er strives to get a clear understanding of their goals and objectives. “Every client is different, and it’s important to take the time to understand their situation and what they want to achieve, which allows me to tailor solutions to fit their needs,” she explains.

Whether the goal is to find a new home in a prime district, procure investment opportunities, build wealth, or sell a difficult-to-market property, Er is driven to fight for her client’s best interests and help them achieve that goal. She has also helped clients achieve record sales prices for properties. In the last two years, she closed numerous deals at record prices above valuations.

Another hallmark of her work is professionalism, personified by reliable, timely, and dedicated service at all times. “That’s an important part of the work I do and sets the tone for building trust and maintaining a successful relationship with my clients,” she says. Over the years, Er’s ability to deliver results, coupled with her efficient and professional service, has earned her a large pool of repeat clients, in addition to an unceasing stream of referrals.

Go-to realtor for luxury properties

Er’s consistent performance and reputation among clients has paved the way to a clear niche in luxury properties in prime residential districts. Her track record in this segment has furnished her with a wealth of specialist knowledge and an extensive network, making her the go-to realtor in Districts 9, 10 and 11.

Er’s skills are bolstered by her analytical prowess and a keen eye for detail – traits she attributes to her background as a certified Chartered Accountant. Her previous work as an auditor at KPMG gives Er a dual-edged advantage of technical financial literacy and commercial savvy.

This rare combo is what attracts Er’s clients, many of whom are industry leaders and trailblazers in their own fields. “Clients in this realm are looking for very high standards,” she shares. To that end, Er’s analytical approach, along with her commitment to providing value-added services, tick all the right boxes.

Er’s expertise also allows her to provide end-to-end real estate guidance. She helps clients structure their portfolios, using her unparalleled expertise to ensure an optimal property investment journey. Whether it’s analysing finances, reallocating investments to properties with better capital gains and high rental yield, optimising tax structures, and more, Er is able to guide her clients through any real estate decision.

Embracing technology and cutting-edge tools

While Er’s background and experience have shaped her expertise, the bedrock of her longevity as a standout realtor is her willingness to learn and adapt nimbly to an ever-evolving industry. “Knowledge is power, and it’s crucial to continuously update my methods and stay ahead of the curve,” she says.

Er is quick to embrace new technologies, recognising that digital tools are the new frontier for the real estate industry. She has invested a significant amount of time and finances in adopting these tools and is adept at employing non-traditional marketing tactics. This includes executing digital marketing campaigns across multiple platforms and using creative videography and 360° virtual tours to showcase properties.

The use of cutting-edge tools and technology allows Er to cast the widest reach possible, gaining an upper hand for her clients while also boosting her propensity to acquire leads and expand her network.

The right balance

Er credits a lot of her hard work to the desire to be an exemplary role model for her two sons. She splits her time well between her work as a realtor and role as a doting parent. Er made the decision to leave her previous career in the finance sector and join real estate while she was pregnant with her first son, so she could have more time and flexibility to take care of him.

Er hopes that her position as a leading realtor who is also a devoted mother shows other real estate agents that it’s possible to achieve success in this line of work without compromising time with family.

As part of this goal to help new and aspiring realtors, following her stellar career that has extended over a decade, Er has progressed to the next stage, offering mentorship and guidance to others. “I take a personalised approach when coaching, tailoring it to the individual so they can meaningfully grow and achieve results,” she says.

Rewarding work

Ultimately, while Er is thankful for her successful career and accolades, what keeps her motivated is the trust clients place in her. “The satisfaction of helping my clients achieve their real estate goals is what keeps me going,” she says.

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